This list represents of some of the most common repairs we do and their respective prices, but is only a small part of the repair and customization work we do! Please contact us about any services not shown on this list.


- Restrings on most 6 string electrics, acoustics, banjos are $15
- Floyd Rose, Classical, Mandolin, and 12 String Guitars are $20
- We also restring classical instruments and even some eastern and middle-eastern string instruments. Prices vary starting at $25-45



- Setups on hard-tail electric guitars, acoustics, and 4&5 string bass guitars
starting at $40
- Stratsocasters, Bigsby-equipped guitars, archtops, and 7-string electrics start at $50-55
- Floyd Rose Guitars, 12-Strings, Banjos, and Jaguar/Jazzmasters start at $60-75
- We also service Rickenbacker, Steinberger, Parker, Roland-equipped, and many other more exotic guitars and instruments- email or call for pricing.



- Hand-made bone nuts start around $65, $90 with setup included
- 12-string nuts start at $100
- Bone acoustic saddles start at $30, compensated saddles start at $40, $70 with setup included
- We also fabricate acoustic bridges, folk instrument bridges, install and adjust electric guitar and bass, folk, and classical bridges. Call for pricing.



- Fret levels begin at $40 (with Setup)
- Fret levels w/o setup begin at $50, $90 with setup included
- Refrets starting at $200
- Refrets vary in price: factors affecting price include binding on neck, fretboard material, replacing nut due to new fret height (+$50), stainless steel frets (+$75), etc. Call for details.



We assess a $15 bench fee for pedals and $60 for amplifiers, which covers disassembly, diagnostics, and reassembly if repairs are not performed. The diagnostic fee applies in full to the necessary repairs once we isolate the problem and notify you of the cost of repair. No repairs will be performed without your prior approval. Contact us for specific electronic repair prices!



Cracks and breaks come in many forms and degrees of severity, which can drastically affect the difficulty of the repair. Major crack/break repairs in necks, acoustic bodies, etc. begin around $80, but can increase significantly depending on the complexity of the damage. Please contact us about cracks and neck/fretboard breaks and we will do our best to provide an accurate estimate. Pictures of the damage will help us get you a more accurate estimate.



There are tens of thousands of possibilities for customizing your instrument and we've don a whole bunch of these modifications. If you want to install a Kaoss Pad on- or Fuzz Factory in- your guitar, or you want a better set of pickups installed, or maybe you have a precious violin you would like an electric pickup installed in, or even want a Roland GK-Kit AND a Sustainiac AND a Floyd Rose trem installed- we've got you covered. Please contact us with questions about specific mods and customization ideas you are interested in and we will come up with a plan and a price to suit you!