Founded by step-brothers Craig Miner and Sean Cochrane, Motown Guitar Service officially opened its (basement) doors in February 2014, although the MGS story goes a little farther back...

Back to the summer of 2004, Craig and Sean were living in squalor in what is now a condemned house out in Keego Harbor, MI. There were a few battered old guitars laying around in various states of disrepair and- not having the means to pay for repairs- they started tinkering and putting them back together with visions of rock-stardom in their naive little eyes.

By 2007, Craig had scaled back his star-studded ambitions and was studying audio recording and production at Columbia College Chicago, although he was becoming increasingly disillusioned at the prospects of attaining a degree in such a field.

He retreated back to Michigan in 2009 to pursue a yet-unknown career, knowing only that whatever that career was going to entail, it needed to cost less than four years of art school and yield more dependable fruit. Having always enjoyed working on his own guitars and fixing others' instruments, he settled on trying his hand at guitar building (or what some pretentious types call Lutherie), which somehow seemed significantly more feasible than a career resulting from a degree in record production.

The Galloup School of Guitar Building appeared to be a sensible vehicle for making this move, which did indeed lead into working on guitars for a living, if not in a roundabout, not-exactly-guitar-building way. There he learned all the fundamentals of building, finishing, repairing, and wiring electric and acoustic guitars, although the education was only just beginning.

Shortly after Galloup, the opportunity presented itself to work full-time as an apprentice for guitar repair juggernaut Third Coast Guitar Service back in Chicago. This led away from the desire to build guitars, but did end up yielding the rewarding career he'd been looking for. And then some. Third Coast proved to be a veritable forum of repair knowledge that transformed him from a lowly apprentice into a fully capable guitar technician with a massively broad set of skills. Fixing guitars and musical equipment became an utter obsession, and for four years this obsession dominated every facet of waking life. The saying there went something like, "When I'm not working on guitars, I like to relax by working on guitars.". And it didn't end at guitars: folk instruments, classical instruments, amplifiers, effects, speakers, and much much more became as natural as stringing a Telecaster.

After a college education's worth of time, the frenetic city of Chicago and the guitar tech slog had run its course, so in the spring of 2014 the desire to return to Detroit and start his own shop took root.

So now we find ourselves back at the beginning of the story. Craig and Sean founded Motown Guitar Service in the summer of 2014, although Sean has since taken leave of the business to begin his own career in writing. Now Craig and MGS has refined its MO to concentrate its efforts on providing unparalleled service to professional working musicians. MGS seeks to be a one stop shop for players that demand the best repair service around, while delivering the fastest turnaround times in the business. And this is because we are musicians and we know what it means to give up a guitar even for a day or two when that guitar is the life-blood of our art. MGS is here to keep Detroit rocking no matter what that takes.